Things You Should Know About Goblet Squats

The goblet squat is a great exercise to perform. It targets many muscles groups and can be varied with equipment or foot placement. Goblet squats are excellent for developing lower body strength, muscle mass, endurance and stability.

Don't Diss The Goblet Squat Until You've Survived This Workout

The goblet squat is a very common exercise in so it’s necessary to know the benefits of the movement to excel at your performance. 

 Below I will describe how you can implement this fantastic exercise into your workout routine and provide an explanation of the benefits of the goblet squat.

The Goblet Squat Defined

Goblet squats can be performed with both feet flat on the ground, one foot elevated on something like a bench, kettlebell held close to your chest, or two arms extended overhead holding the weight vertically.  

All variations will work just about every muscle used during squatting–lower body and core stabilization muscles included! Although all variations help build strength in these same muscles, some variations hit non-targeted stabilizer muscles more than others.

When determining which style to use, consider what you’re trying to improve the most.

The goblet squat is one of many tools you can use to build your legs, but it’s often overlooked by the average trainee. Why?

The average trainee doesn’t know what a goblet squat really is. The average trainee may think it’s just another name for a front squat or other variation that they’ve tried in the past–with mediocre results.  

The only way to achieve better results than before is to give this form of squatting another shot with an open mind and learn how to do it correctly. Once you understand the benefits, you’ll want to include them in all your future workouts!

As with any exercise, there are several different ways you can perform the goblet squat. It can be performed with or without weights, at different heights, and in several stances.

How To Perform A Goblet Squat

Holding One DB One-Handed 

The goblet squat should be performed just like you would any other barbell back squat or front squat. The only difference with the goblet is that you will be holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your chest while you squat down and stand back up.

With the same wide stance used for traditional squats, lower yourself to where your elbows are inside your knees. Then explode upwards, driving through the hips and standing up straight at the top. 

Doing this exercise one arm at a time can also be beneficial, it allows for each side of your body to work independently during the movement.

Benefits Of Goblet Squat

1) Leg Strength

The goblet squat is an excellent movement for building leg strength due to its adaptation from the barbell back squat which has been proven to increase maximal power among athletes.

The goblet squat is an excellent movement for building leg strength due to its adaptation from the barbell back squat which has been proven to increase maximal power among athletes.

2) Train Functionally

The goblet squat also allows you to train functionally. By training functionally, you are preparing the muscles and joints to perform daily activities more efficiently. This will help reduce injury risk when performing working tasks that require one arm at a time.

3) Build Muscle Mass

Further, this exercise also helps build muscle mass because it involves a high number of muscle fibres being recruited during the lift. Increases in muscle mass have been linked to increased bone density, improved hormone output and overall improved health. 

4) Building Endurance

In addition, the goblet squat is an excellent movement for building endurance because it is high intensity. This exercise uses a lot of energy therefore, it can improve cardiovascular fitness.

Lastly, muscle recruitment during goblet squats is not limited to just lower body muscles. The use of the arms during this lift will also activate upper back musculature which can help increase the stabilization strength of these regions. 

These benefits are all great news but perhaps the best goblet squat benefit is that you do not need any special equipment to perform this lift! So get out there and start lifting!