10 Hen’s Party Ideas

A hen’s party is that last opportunity to indulge in your wildest fantasies with your best friends. It’s the last chance to get together before you all become mothers, partners, business owners and full-time workers. After this night you will all be way too busy for drunken nights or parties in general!

group of people tossing wine glass

So what are some ideas on what to do at a hen’s party? Here are 10 hen’s party ideas

1.  Go To A Male Strip Club

 This hen’s party idea is perfect for the girls that love the male species. Going to a strip club with your besties can be all laughs or it could end in tears, either way, will lead to memories! Magic men Sydney got it all.

2. Have A Hen’s Night Tour

This hen’s party idea is perfect for the wanderlusts that want to take in their last few hours of freedom by exploring your city or town before coming home to spouses, children and mundane existences!

3. Go Camping

There are few hen’s party ideas that can be as great as this one if you love nature, adventure and drunken debauchery. Getting out of the city and into the wilderness will give you all chance to bond while getting crazy under the stars!

4. Visit An Escape Room With Hen Does Mystery Games

For those who like their hen’s parties with a bit more thinking than drinking then this hen’s party idea is perfect for you ladies! You will need to solve clues and hen party mysteries to escape the hen do room!

5.  Go Skydiving

Who doesn’t want to jump out of a plane at 10,000 ft? For those that love adrenalin then this hen’s party idea is perfect for you girls! This hen’s party idea will give you all chance to throw yourself into harm’s way with no consequences! Just don’t forget your parachutes…

6.  Try Hen Dos Karaoke

For those who like hen parties where everyone can be involved, hen do karaoke is the best hen’s party activity for you girls. Get up on stage and show off your musical prowess or lack thereof (you’ll be drunk)!

7.  Have A Hen’s Party Boat Cruise

For a hen or stag night that is all about drinking and debauchery who can go past hen party boat cruises? Drinking, dancing and being merry on the high seas will give you all memories to last a lifetime!

8.  Watch A Male Revue Show

This hen’s party idea is perfect for those girls that want to see their men get up on stage and take it off. Male revues are so much fun, after all, ladies love seeing hot men dance naked right?! So why not have some hen do fun of your own with this hen’s party activity.

9. Try Water Zorbing

Who’s want a giant inflatable ball to run around in? This hen’s party idea is perfect for those girls that love free hen do activities. Spend your hen night bouncing, rolling and spinning all over the hen do!

10.  Go To A Comedy Show

Does everyone love to laugh so why not go see some stand-up comedy with your besties? This hen’s party idea is perfect for those girls who are looking for hen do ideas that are classy but still fun.

So there you have it, 10 hen’s party ideas that are sure to make your last night of freedom one to remember! Just don’t forget the penicillin and tissues… just in case.