What Does Clay Mask Do To Your Skin

A mask can either provide deep cleansing when it’s made of mud like the Kaolin Clay Mask or make skin look radiant with its brightening properties like in the case of Rhassoul clay. When it comes to your skin, only minerals and no other elements are used in making these masks.

Once you put them on, they start absorbing excess oils that could lead to clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts. The elimination of these things prevents the right amount of moisture from being retained by the skin leading to dullness.

Only natural ingredients are used so there are no side effects or reactions when using various types of masks including clay masks.

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Allergic reactions are common when chemical-based products are used but this does not happen with non-comedogenic products.

This means that there is no risk of reactions such as itchiness or acne, unlike with commercialized products which can damage your skin. Here are 10 things clay mask does to your skin:

1. Removes toxins and impurities from the surface of the skin

Masks made of natural ingredients like mud and clay possess absorptive properties that help remove dirt and oil from pores so they can be minimized and prevented from causing breakouts on the surface of the skin.

2. Removes dead cells

Dead cells can’t function as a barrier against external factors so they must be eliminated. During peeling or exfoliation, these cells come off easily but you should use masks made of materials such as Rhassoul clay or Aztec Indian clay which can be absorbed into the skin and remove exposed cells.

3. Hydrates

It may seem contradictory to use a mask that absorbs oil but when it comes in contact with the skin, it only removes the excess leaving behind moisture from your sebaceous glands.

This way, you get to retain more moisture in your skin rather than having dry patches after removing masks made of mud or clay.

4. Makes pores smaller

Drawing out impurities helps shrink pores if they are exposed to the surface of your skin.

These small pores will not easily clog with oil and other factors which makes it harder for breakouts to happen if you maintain a good skin care regimen including masks made of materials such as Rhassoul clay or Aztec Indian clay.

5. Removes blackheads

What you need to do is apply a paste made of ingredients such as Rhassoul clay and let it sit for about 10 minutes, depending on how your skin reacts with the product.

The mask then gets drawn into the skin which helps tighten pores and prevents toxins from being accumulated in these tiny spaces. Once the mask comes off, you’ll remove all traces of blackheads so your face looks flawless. 

6. Prevents acne

When the skin is congested with impurities, there is a higher chance of having blemishes and breakouts happen frequently. Masking helps purify the skin so it stays clear of bacteria that cause acne flare-ups to occur even when you’re not feeling stressed or worried about your looks.

You can also use masks containing Allantoin which shows its effectiveness in treating wounds, burns and scars by stimulating cell regeneration for faster healing.

7. Brightens up the complexion

Masks made of ingredients such as Rhassoul clay help remove dark spots on the surface of the skin while removing excess oil so your face appears brighter than before you applied it on your face.

It might seem like an impossible task but with the proper application of a mask, you will get to achieve the results that you desire.

Once you start using these products, your face may appear fairer than before because natural ingredients are used in their formulation which is also safe for all skin types.

8. Firms up facial muscles

Popularized by Korean celebrities and models alike, clay masks help make facial muscles more toned which makes it harder to notice fine lines on the surface of the skin despite aging due to years of exposure to harmful factors like pollution and sun damage. 

9. Maintains pH balance

Masks made of ingredients such as Rhassoul clay help regulate the pH level of your skin which makes it harder for bacteria to flourish and cause breakouts over time.

This is suitable if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin so you can get rid of harsh chemicals and ingredients in other skincare products without worrying about side effects and allergic reactions on your part.

It’s best to consult a dermatologist before trying out masks containing Allantoin since it may trigger negative reactions from users who are allergic to its formulation even when used externally.