Tips For Selecting The Right Marble

Marble stays the top option for many house owners when it comes to picking cooking area countertops. It’s not a surprise that marble countertops and backsplashes are so popular– the material has been drawing in fans for millennia.

Marble is a natural material with excellent variety, depending upon which types you select and how it’s cut. “It develops a really beautiful natural pattern, which you do not get with plenty of synthetic products.”

Amongst marble alternatives, white marble takes the cake. “You will not find anything as white in nature as white marble. “You just don’t get that colour and type of figuring in any other type of natural stone.”

But marble is not a perfect product. While good-quality marbles, such as the world-famous products from Carrara, Italy, are dense and relatively nonporous– that makes them long-lasting and stain-resistant– they likewise have weaknesses. For uses of marble and more, click here.

Learn The Origin

Onyx, granite and marble originate from different areas throughout the origin and the world plays a substantial function in figuring out the quality of the stone. It is likewise extremely fascinating to know where your selected piece came from and its history.

If you are looking for white marble like the Carrara, Statuario, Bianco Lasa, you need to go no further than The Quarry Gallery. Each slab is handpicked by the Chief Manager and a group of professionals. It is then cut to the world basic 20mm density and polished by generations of experienced Italian craftsmen, in Italy.

Understand Your Taste

You can look at different marble colours, patterns and types that are available in the market. Discover what are your likes and dislikes. Make sure to keep an open mind as you look at numerous marble pieces. Are you more inclined towards heavy veins or something lighter? Do you desire a piece that corresponds throughout or one that has striking differences?

Keep in mind, the marble colour and texture you pick will be a part of your design for many years. Comprehending what you like will assist you through the process with ease and clearness. The Quarry Curators can take you on a customised tour of the 12,500 sq. ft. gallery and take you through our handpicked collection of over 33 marble colours.

Not All Marble Is Made Equal

The very first question you need to ask when looking for the right marble surface for you is how permeable the stone is. Various marbles have different qualities and choosing a less permeable one can save you a lot of money, and stress and anxieties, in the long run.

Opting for a marble such as Carrara, which is less porous, could have the longevity you’re looking for.

Know Your Cuts

How do you cut to guarantee you get the look you want? When it comes time to lay your stone, make sure you interact completely with your specialist about how you want the seams (where two pieces of the stone fulfil) and veins to match up.

Expect Cracks

If you see a marble piece in it, it may have been mishandled or even dropped. Fissures, nevertheless, are different. Natural cracks don’t change the marble surface area and can be worked around. You can move your finger across a crack without capturing it, but a crack that takes place from a drop will be rougher. If you desire a rustic look in your marble considering that they are part of the stone’s character, fissures can work for some scenarios.

Go With Your Gut

When you see an outfit you enjoy, in some cases, you simply enjoy it for no particular reason. Utilize your gut to choose the ideal marble slab. Look the pieces over and if one jumps out at you for a certain reason, or even if, go with it and there’s no reason to doubt that it’s the ideal piece. Finding marble pieces gorgeous is simple, however, discovering one overwhelming in its charm implies that’s the marble slab for you.

Security Factors To Consider When Choosing a Marble Tile:

With so many various types of marble around, it can be difficult to select the best tile for your home. If you have your heart set on this appearance, you could opt for smaller tiles as the grout in between each tile would include natural traction.

Thickness, Edges, And Overhangs

You can select marble countertops from a variety of thickness which ranges from three-quarter to one and a quarter inches. The standard overhang measurement is typically between an inch and one and a half inches. A straight edge is typically the most preferred edge option although there are other choices available.


Different marble countertops have very similar functions. When it comes to care and maintenance for different types, there is no noteworthy difference. Simple practices like using cutting boards, cleaning up right away any spills, setting roller coasters under glasses, and placing trivets under hot pans and pots can help keep your marble looking brand-new for a longer time. Wipe instantly with vinegar because marble tops are vulnerable to etching if acid like an orange juice spill.