Things To Know Before Getting Eyebrow Tattoo


Over Plucked your eyebrows in the 90s (didn’t we all!) and now you’re trying to grow them out but your eyebrows have other ideas? Yep, we feel ya.

Today, eyebrow tattooing (also understood as micro-blading or feathering) is a dazzling alternative for bringing your eyebrows back to life.

However, like with anything long-term– there are a few things to think about before taking the brow tattooing plunge.

Book In For An Assessment Before Getting It Done Permanently

At Sharon Lee Inc, we constantly do assessments with our clients, we frequently suggest Henna Brows first to comprehend the shape or draw them on and inquire to come back in a week after they have actually taken a look at the shape and feel completely comfortable.

No, It’s Not Permanent.

Micro-blading is semi-permanent. Cosmetic tattooing, unlike body art tattooing, is much more superficial to the skin. The inks are likewise much more degradable. Your own immune system will absorb the ink and likewise press out the pigment. In time these looks tend to fade.

It lasts for one to three years depending upon your skin and lifestyle.

Microblading does need touch-ups annual or bi-yearly, however, at least you won’t be stuck forever with eyebrows that you don’t like, in case you don’t like how yours come out.

When You Get Them Done First They Will Look Various In A Year

All too often see people who have had tattoos done and it has actually bled and isn’t great strokes. This is based upon the ink/pigment and method utilized. It is essential to understand this and always have them show you images of what it will appear like directly after verses in a year.

Many People Need Two Sessions To Get Their Ideal Eyebrow

Your typical individual requires about two sessions– one first session, and after that, they can come back 4 weeks later on for a touch-up session. 

They have to come back four weeks later on because, depending upon their skin type, their skin might push out a little bit of ink and in some places, the hair strokes won’t be as saturated as we desire them. If there are small imperfections after the first session that need to be filled in, you can inform.

Microblading Has Advantages.

Microblading can produce the appearance of full eyebrows when you have sporadic or missing eyebrows. Some facilities refer to eyebrow micro-blading as 3D eyebrows. Microblading can also fix a problem for individuals with sensitivities or allergic reactions to cosmetics.

Microblading Has Dangers.

The dangers of micro-blading and eyebrow tattoos are comparable to any other tattooing. It is also possible to establish an infection or an allergic reaction to the pigment.

Eyebrows Won’t Be Identical.

Eyebrow tattoos are anticipated to be slightly different from each other– even natural eyebrows don’t look the very same. Remember to be reasonable in your expectations: arches will not be 100% identical. Eyebrows are not constantly sis. After micro-blading, my left arch is still higher than my ideal arch.

Feeling uneasy towards your recently tatted-up brows is a regular post-micro blading reaction. It might take some time getting utilized to your hairs are darker, bolder and sharper immediately after the procedure, however, they will soften as they heal over numerous weeks. Perseverance is crucial in adapting to your new appearance.

Scarring Is Possible.

Like regular injuries, tattooed eyebrows have the potential to scar, especially if you’re in it for the long term. Your very first time may not produce irreversible marks, but subsequent appointments might leave imprints over.

Due to this possibility, the touch-up work should be approached by the artist differently (possibly more carefully) than the first time. Stick to one esthetician just, if possible, so that he/she recognizes with your particular skin type and requirements.

A Trial Consultation Could Be The Very Best Thing You Do

The very best method to know how your skin will react and what the colour of the eyebrow tattoo will appear like? Trialling the tattoo procedure before you go the whole hog. 

I always consult with my clients before starting an eyebrow tattoo. Hidden among the eyebrow hair you already have, this small application permits you to see how the brow tattoo will heal and if you like the results.

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